Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life and a Book Launch Party

It's funny how we always manage to overwhelm ourselves, especially when we are trying not to do just that. I'm sure somebody can relate. Especially as a woman, and an excellent multi-tasker, I manage to think that juggling is what we are supposed to do! And then as I wear myself out, I realize that taking things one step at a time is also possible. I can hold the baby and enjoy watching his face and talking to him while he nurses, instead of trying to catch up on my e-mails while I am blessed with that time with him. Or for once JUST making dinner, instead of doing the dishes, feeding the baby, and manning the oven and stove all at the same time. Granted, things can take a lot longer that way. And when things take longer, sometimes some things just plain don't get done. But I suppose that there is a time and a season for everything...and the important thing is that I can enjoy my kids and family while they (we!) are young and everyone is still at home.

So don't ask me how I am planning a book launch party in the middle of my normal choas. For some reason I need to celebrate this exciting thing in my life - this book that came from somewhere deep in my mind and managed to make it onto paper - this book filled with my fears, dreams, emotions and hopes. It is a miracle considering the last four years of my life. So here it is, and I can now look forward to a celebration in its honor - thanks to all of my amazing friends and family and thier tremendous help.

So here is to staying up a little later at night so that I don't miss anything during the day, and so that the birth of this project can be fussed over. We (ok, I) deserve it, right?!

"Flames of Redemption" is here!